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Frustrated86 wrote: I want to be “healthy” but I also want to enjoy my life and social functions. I’m not going to eat plain chicken breast and lettuce everyday for the rest of my life. That’s not fun.

All the people who claim here that the diet had completely cured their infestation, are still continuing on the diet.

My Question: Why do they need to continue on the diet, if they are completely cured?

I don’t agree that its a healthy practice/life style, because anti-candida diet is malnutritioned and makes you weak.

READ CLEAR: I am not asking some one to go out and eat pizzas and drink alcohol every day. I am asking if they are eating healthy food along with their families, before claiming that they have been 100% cured.

As per my understanding, following the strict-diet wont cure you 100%, but it will sure make your symptoms vanish as long as you stick to the diet, but once you get back to normal-diet the symptoms will come back.

So, I think following the diet on the website, and adding enemas to help it like dvjorge and others are doing might help you to cure the infestation and also enjoy your food.