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I am still eating low oxalate for the most part, but I’m not being extremely strict about it. Mostly I’m just avoiding high oxalate foods. I’m not having any candida symptoms, and I’m not eating low carb/sugar at all. (Definitely not bragging about that because I’d like to eat healthy even when candida isn’t forcing me to, but I think I’m just enjoying the freedom a little too much right now. Hopefully I’ll start practicing healthier eating habits soon…)

I also wanted to mention that there are lots of lists out there and the way they categorize the oxalate content of foods varies widely. I read somewhere that it’s because the process they use to test food has improved over time, so some foods that tested initially one way are now testing another. I’ve heard the example of blueberries – apparently, they were thought to be high oxalate for a long time, but were recently retested and deemed low or moderate (I can’t remember which). So pay attention to the source of the lists that you use and when they were published. Apparently the most current research is being done by the Vulvar Pain Foundation b/c oxalates are a cause of vulvar pain. From what I understand, they sell a cookbook that has a pretty exhaustive list in it. I didn’t end up ordering the cookbook because I experience positive results without having to get really strict about the diet, so the lists offered by the yahoo group I mentioned in my original post were sufficient. Btw, that group also has some info on supplements to take while trying to rid your body of oxalates. Admittedly, I was also pretty lax about that part. I purchased calcium citrate and magnesium citrate, and have taken them on and off, so they may have contributed to my success, but I can’t say for sure.