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Thank you again for your help, shayfo.

Able sent me the diet so I’ve more clarity with concern to which foods I can eat, which to avoid, etc. I hope for his diet to serve as my guide from here on out.

Also, no kidding about the coconut products. I hadn’t had any significant die-off symptoms prior to the consumption of a table-spoon of virgin coconut oil last night, after which I felt a little bit uncomfortable. I had another this morning and, wow, I feel extremely nauseous. My body feels warm and I’ve a slight headache as well. I’ve always questioned candida’s part in my health, but I think it’s safe to say that now I know for certain. That being said, my case doesn’t seem to be as profound as many others’ I have seen. It’s mostly intestinal resulting in weight loss, acne, food intolerances, impaired digestion, etc. A little verification can go a long way, which is exactly what I feel the coconut oil has done for me today.