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Hi Raster:

Thank you for your knowledgeable and thorough response.

I printed out the diet plan I linked to in my first post and crossed off the foods I’m intolerant to, as well as the foods that I know are generally unacceptable on the candida diet (tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, etc.). I wouldn’t consider eating anything else you mentioned, either.

I will be sure to avoid beef or pork, but what would you suggest as a limit to how much meat I can consume each day? I don’t like meat to begin with and would rather avoid it altogether, but given the strict nature of the candida diet, I feel that I need as much fuel as possible. Also, what about grains? According to the diet I linked to, one “Type 3” grain is acceptable each day, as is one “Type 2” grain. If I were to have any grain, it would be quinoa.

While your advice pertaining to fitness has been duly noted, I’m afraid I must continue my regular workout regime. It mostly consists of palates, yoga, cardio, and some light weights, and I’ve found it to be very beneficial in terms of my mood and feeling of productivity. In fact, some websites I’d visited regarding candida treatment recommend physical activity while on the diet for those very reasons. It contributes to a healthy lifestyle. All of this being said, I acknowledge your advice on the matter and will watch myself.

By the way, is there some kind of protein powder I can ingest on a regular basis? Or would this counteract with my meal plan and inhibit the healing process. Furthermore, what about dietary fibre? Psyllium husk for example? What would you consider to be the best breakfast food? Breakfast is the meal with which I have the most trouble while on this diet. Lastly, what about snacks between meals? I normally have raw almonds.

Again, thank you very much for your help and support. I’m grateful.