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You are mostly doing it right. We try to tier the food introduction, antifungals, and probiotics in the protocol so that you will have as few complications as possible. However, I personally just started the diet with antifungals and probiotics just like you did and it still works. The reason we tier these things is so you don’t do too much too fast; for some people the die-off could be so bad they go to the hospital. For some people, they get a reaction to meat or oat bran and this is why the protocol is overly cautious in this regards.

Don’t worry about the cleanse because it is completely optional. The cleanse and diet are totally seperate stages.

The food deprivation symptoms are pretty normal because the candida wants to be fed some. For some people they will crave grains, sugar, etc. (anything the candida likes).

Almonds can set back your progress from my experience. Try out a week with them and a week without them. Its not very difficult to soak them overnight in some water and/or roast them in the oven.

Try to eat some more food if you can so you become quite full after each meal.