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Thank you for your input, shayfo. I would have thanked you much sooner, but things have been hectic.

I have been on the diet for two full days, and am currently half-way through my third day. I must say, I am feeling absolutely drained. The strictness of the diet has resulted in a substantial reduction in food intake, and my body is craving fuel. My arms feel weak and I’m increasingly tired, but something interesting has come to light. Perhaps this is merely a placebo effect, but I’ve noticed that my eyesight is sharper than it was. Moreover, my skin–while still far from perfect–has cleared somewhat and appears more even in tone. Again, perhaps I’m imaging these things, but it’s what I’ve noticed.

I’m concerned, however, as to whether or not I’m doing this correctly. I want to do it efficiently as well as effectively, and this thread suggests that I refrain from eating meat for at least one week before beginning the diet. The thing is, I’ve eaten (organic) meat for dinner the last two days. I have also read on this forum that I should avoid oat bran at first, and I’ve been having it each morning with a few drops of liquid stevia as an added sweetener. As for lunch, I’ve been eating roasted vegetables, and having almonds in-between meals as a snack. Am I doing this correctly? I don’t want to be making a grave mistake that will inhibit my progress.

I have been taking 3 multi-vitamin capsules each morning as well as 3 undecyclenic acid capsules 3x daily with each meal. I’ve also been taking 1 probiotic capsule 3x daily with each meal. Furthermore, I’ve been drinking at least 10 glasses of cool/luke-warm water on a daily basis.

Is this feeling of food deprivation normal? Are there any ways to ease it? In the aforesaid thread condoning its safe and proper cleanse, it suggests that I eat nothing but the vegetables listed for at least 10 days; how can one possibly do this? I have school to complete and am on a tight deadline, and I’ve also been attending the gym (nothing terribly straining). I can’t picture myself doing these things while abiding that cleanse. Is it absolutely necessary to undertake if I’m to heal properly?

Again, am I doing this diet correctly? I haven’t felt any die-off symptoms, at least nothing aside from the extreme fatigue, the continuation of loose stools, and some light diarrhea. Are almonds okay to snack on at first? I feel like I need the fuel badly.

I’d really appreciate any help. Many, many thanks to whomever provides any input.