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Yes thank u girl! We have power back yesterday it was a cold night! !! I took my baby with a candle in room bundle her up with coat and hat mittens everything! And I did the same! Unable to cook I ate a sandwich with cold celery and avocado. I am back on track today the only thing we don’t have yet is internet I’m on my phone now.

I haven’t seen but a few mins of hubby in past few days he has had only a few hrs sleep and is still out there clearing rds. His business is new and he was not prepared for this and ended up breaking sum of his equipment and having to shovel alot more! Plus he probably has over a grand in repairs but alot of new customers calld him and its extra money!

I think we got around 3 ft maybe more I couldn’t even open more door at 1st cuz the snow barricaded us in!