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Vegan Catlady
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raster;53480 wrote: So catlady,

Did you apartment in florida contain mold?

I also experienced anxiety after smoking cigs and I had to quit (5 weeks ago) after 15 years of use. It occurs because of your brain being damaged from my experience.


I asked them to check for mold, but the apartment complex I was living in is a multi-million dollar complex that is and was very shifty. They hide all things that can cause lawsuits.

When confronted with the possibility that the apartment was unhealthy, they has someone come in and after 5 minutes of just looking, they said it was clean.
When I told them that looking around isnt enough of a test for mold, I was threatened with eviction 🙂 so….. the answer here is that it may or may not have been moldy…we will never know.

I was never a smoker. I went outside and took 1 or two tokes from pot. That could potentially be more moldy or full of fungus than ciggs,right?

It wasnt something I did on any regular basis. And the breathing thing/jaw feeling locked never happened before.


That is so freaking HUGE! Every day is going to be a better day from here on out 🙂