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Able, thanks very much for helping:)

I have the correct form. I am taking 5 (150mg) pills/day. I am skipping the cleanse so I will start the probiotics slowly as I am not sure how to make kefir. I will wait with the antifungals to give my body a rest as I was taking nystatin grpefruit seed extract previously for 2 weeks and about 5 months ago I took it(antifungals) for 2 months straight for a rhodotorula glutinis/mucilaginosa infection. I am also taking the milk thistle and I ordered the swedish digestive bitters. My Dr advised me to drink oolong or black tea as the Dr Data stool test indicated this would help kill my candida parapsilosis so I would like to drink this tea also in addition to the nettle tea. I did purchase the slippery elm bark pills for constipation…is this recommended also during stict diet.