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I am unable to complete the cleanse and wonder if it is wise to follow the strict diet and include a daily detox drink and or liver flush drink?

Sure, you can do a partial cleanse any time.

I am taking molybdenum and l-glutamine with milk thistle drops each day.
(I couldn’t complete the cleanse due to a severe headache that left me unable to function along with exhaustion)

Check your Molybdenum to be certain you have the correct form, it should read Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate somewhere on the package.
Also, were you practicing all of the other precautions to protect your body against the aldehyde toxins such as daily saunas or hot-tub soaks? Be sure to drink a LOT of water during the entire treatment to keep the toxins moving. Whatever you do, don’t allow your body to become constipated.

With the strict diet I would like to start probiotics first and add antifungals later.

If you’re talking about the forum’s diet and not the website’s, you shouldn’t use it unless you’re going to follow the protocol with it, otherwise, you’re only wasting your time.