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I started the strict diet a few days before you, bacflip, and I’m not losing weight at the rate that you are. I’ve lost some, but it seems very gradual—and I can’t eat eggs because I’m allergic to them, so am just eating vegetables and hemp seeds!

I eat, especially during the first half of my day, about every two hours. Also, I’m using coconut oil as one of my antifungals. I do not hesitate to eat a reasonable amount of fat. I eat a whole avocado everyday, if not more sometimes. And when I saute vegetables, I add in quite a bit of olive or coconut oil. Maybe that’s not good? I don’t know because I’m a newbie.

Here’s what I tend to eat:
breakfast—“cauliflower rice” (coconut oil) with sauteed kale (coconut oil) on top and half an avocado
snack—red cabbage salad with olive oil and cilantro and jalepeno, fresh lime, and hemp seeds
lunch—big lettuce salad olive oil or avocado based salad dressing
snack–not too exciting here—just cucumber and celery slices (but am planning on making hemp seed pest to dip into)
dinner—usually something roasted like broccoli and cauliflower and garlic or rutabaga fries (though, I’m not sure that I should be roasting and should focus on steaming)

Glad to be in touch with another newbie, and hope you find your answer, so you don’t lose to much. It seems that once you introduce coconut flour and can make bread, you’ll be much better off.