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Please could somebody tell me why everyone seems to be so against colonics?

To explain this, let me ask you, of all the supplements and treatments that’s possible to take and perform during the fight against a Candida overgrowth, do you know what the one thing is that will actually bring the final cure?
It’s called “beneficial bacteria” or “flora.” You have your infestation because of what you did to reduce the population of the beneficial bacteria in your intestines and colon. In the beginning of the infestation, the Candida and beneficial bacteria were fighting for the space in the intestines to build their colonies. If you continued to feed the Candida and were not eating enough food for the bacteria, this made it easy for the Candida to take up more and more space in the intestines therefore giving the bacteria less space in which to multiply their population.

This is the only reason we contract a Candida overgrowth even though the way we get to that point can vary (such as antibiotics and a poor diet of carbohydrates and sugar). So the only way you’re going to cure your infestation is to reestablish a plentiful supply of the flora. A colonic is meant to “wash away” everything that it comes into contact with. This naturally includes the communities of beneficial bacteria in the colon and intestines. When the bacteria population begins to shrink more and more, this leaves more room for the Candida to multiply and produce their cells.

It’s basically impossible to ‘cure’ a Candida infestation by washing away the Candida; this is the same as trying to kill off all of the Candida with antifungals. To put it plainly, it’s simply impossible because the environment of the intestines will allow the re-growth of whatever Candida are left behind each time you do a colonic. Until you change that environment with a plentiful population of friendly bacteria, you’ll continue to suffer from your Candida infestation.

So does it make sense that washing away the flora in the intestines and colon is the last thing you need to be doing with a Candida overgrowth?

The proof of this is in the stories of the forum members who are using the forum’s Protocol to treat their infestation.

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