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chellehuang wrote: Hi Everyone!

I have been browsing through the forum on and off the last 3 weeks because I have been dealing with chronic sinus pressure and pain 24/7 for the last 4 months and I am desperate to find a solution. I have gone through sinus surgery and it hasn’t helped.

I am convinced, though, that the inflammation was brought on by my depression which started one year ago when we found out that my baby daughter had a genetic disorder. In this last year, I have been very stressed, very depressed, crying everyday, and now I have this physical condition that started in February. It is deblitating and painful.

I read a post about how candida can not be cured by diet alone and that stress and depression play major factors in the gut. I am crying right now b/c that makes me even more stressed out. I want so much to feel ‘normal’ again, and I was hoping that through diet, I could be completely cured. But I know that I am dealing with deep emotional issues as well trying to work through my daughter’s therapies and prognosis, and b/c of that, will I never really be able to get ‘rid’ of the candida and reduce the inflammation?

I know that I need to see a counselor.

Thank you for reading, as I am not sure what exactly I am trying to say and I am so emotional right now. All I know is that I really need to physically feel better, and no one seems to understand the pain I feel physically and emotionally right now. I really feel so desperate.


I can completely relate to how you are feeling right now. I started the candida diet back in February of 2011 and almost cured myself last summer. I started a new job and got completely stressed out and started back into my old habits. Long story short, in February of this year I had a complete relapse. The candida came back worse than its ever been and I got completely depressed and had to miss over a month of work with anxiety and depression issues. I remember crying often for no reason over the smalles things. I ended up going to the ER one night because I was having panic attacks. It just felt like the world is too overwhelming to deal with.

I started the program again and Im on Day 120 now. While I havent completely cured myself I have seen some significant changes. Its as simple as 1. Killing off all the yeast 2. replanting probiotics in you colon 3. and building your immune system so it can keep it in check. The best advice I can give you is there is no overnight cure. You just have to continue the program and diet everyday and soon your good days will outnumber your bad. The diet is there so you dont continue to feed yeast while the anti-fungals kill the yeast off. Just hang in there, as bad as you feel right now just know that it can and does get better with time.