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One thing we do not recommend on this forum is eating pork, which takes days to digest, while chicken and fish take hours to digest. Basically if you eat pork, you will be constipated.

Additionally, we don’t recommend brown rice because its high in starch, contains some sugar, and is inflammatory. If you rely on it everyday as a food item, this can potentially set you back from my experience. Buckwheat is a great alternative because contains only 25% starch and is a prebiotic that feeds the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Similar texture and taste as well!

Also, the coffee can be a big problem while on the diet because it is inflammatory, promotes leaky gut, drains the adrenals, and damages the liver and kidneys. Even though it is decaf, it still contains caffeine. Additionally, it is high in molds because it is a dried food item.

How much sugar is found in your yogurt per serving?

Wheat grass is also something I would watch over time and see if you feel better with it or without it.

The chilis are moderately inflammatory as well so be careful!

We developed a general plan to get better if you are interested;