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Step 2: Off-tangent Stories Alert!

Another common feature of a liar’s speech is the presence of off-tangent, largely unrelated presentation of facts or stories. Some people like to give elaborate explanations or tell colorful stories. Be attentive and notice if they really go off-tangent.1 It may be a giveaway sign that they are not telling the truth. Another sign is giving too much information. Liars try to cover up their lies by inundating you with too much info. Be an active listener, so you can more easily catch liars lying.

2. Over Compensating

When they know their story is a lie, some people will over compensate and toss out a tremendous amount of extra information to try and sell it. Most people will only answer your questions, not volunteer extra details. Look for overeager story telling.

6. Giving Too Much Information

This comes back to the over compensation point. Imagine if someone got pulled over by a police officer for speeding and promptly told the cop that nothing was in the trunk. Of course, the cop now has just cause to look in the trunk because it was clearly a lie – way too much information and for no good reason. Look for similar hiccups in their story.