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Tdog333;56505 wrote: I’m just glad that we don’t have people like that on these forums!

I wouldn’t be so sure about that…

Floggi;56501 wrote: So what can the shill do? The only way to move the inconvenient posting to a place where people won’t notice it anymore, is by flooding the forum. The only way to flood the forum when the shill hasn’t anything new to say is… well… say the same thing over and over again!

The shill simply repeats the same message over and over again. Of course, he uses different wording, so that the superficial reader will think it’s new information. In reality though, it’s the same information, repeated over and over again, with the sole purpose of moving an inconvenient posting to a page that’s so buried within the thread that probably no forum reader will ever find it.

I found a great example of this tactic on this forum, where bullying and shilling were exposed to the public. Of course, the shill didn’t like this, so after a short pause he started his flooding tactic. Post after post after post with a mere repetition of the same message. Only intended to flood the inconvenient truth into forum oblivion.

Tdog333;56505 wrote: Another known tactic of a shill is carefully crafted arguments. A shill will read through various forum topics, spending a lot of time creating a very well thought out argument.

I much prefer reading well thought out arguments. I think that’s way more useful than having to wade through mere braindead shouting.

Tdog333;56505 wrote: They often post their replies in batches back to back.

Yeah, I agree. I found a perfect example on this forum. Once you know what to look for, you see how one person answers his own posts under a different user account. This first two pages of this thread look like a discussion between two guys who completely agree with each other. Funny how they use the exact same writing styles. Funny how one of these personas stopped contributing to this forum after his bullying was exposed.

Tdog333;56505 wrote: They make use of italics, underlining, and bolding of font to subliminally influence and focus a readers attention where they want it to be.

You mean like in this post, for example?

Anyway, I don’t see what’s wrong with using some typographic cues to format a text in such a way that the intention is more accurately transferred from writer to reader. After all, isn’t conveying a message the very intention of a forum discussion?

But then, if you see this as a marker of a shill – go ahead. Opinions may differ.