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Hope, I think Titan is right in your case… and in lots of ours. Modern life makes it very difficult to cope with this diet. I still eat almond butter, blackberries and occasional rice pasta. It makes it easier for me. It may take me longer to get better but I do believe I will get there.

Just for your info., my acupunturist has points that she does on me to reduce carb cravings, you should ask about it when you go. Also, ask about PTSD points on your body as well. You have been through a lot and a great deal of your caving in on the diet is probably due to stress. Sometimes, my acupunturist will teach me points to massage. I found out this week that I might have to have another cancer surgery and she taught me some points for anxiety and grief. I gotta tell you, I didn’t believe in acupuncture and first but it has helped me so much that I am a true believer. My mom made me go and she pays for it… I can’t say enough about how much she has been there for me.

Yeast overgrowth in chinese medicine is due to dampness. See if you can get any herbs from the acupuncturist too. I have gotten so much good advice from mine!