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hope4eva77;36516 wrote: u sound very smart Jorge i get what your saying ,i have diflucan 100 mg for twice a wk but havent started it yet as its so harmful to liver ,i also take renew life probiotics and plan on doing kefir but its just so cold here im scared ill mess it up right now anyhow are u saying this isnt enough ?

and are u reffering to those shots u talkd about ? i read about them a bit i dont know if anyone in my area can give them but if state insurance dont cover it i doubt i can afford it .

No, I am not talking about immune stimulation shots.

I am talking about you have yeast living inside your epithelial cells. The only way to reach inside the cells is by bloodstream with a systemic antifungal. However, you can take a truck loaded with Fluconazole, but if you HAVE an immune paralysis ( Th1/Th17 ) it won’t resolve it.

The only way to recover acquired cell-mediated immunity suppression is to correcting and eliminating what is causing it.

In the case of most candida sufferers the causes are YEAST COLONIES INSIDE THE GUT and HEAVY METAL TOXICITY.

If these two aren’t corrected, there isn’t any possible definitive solution. Diet, supplements, etc only offer managing. That is it.