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The whole diet has some problems; I would go to a new naturopathic doctor that doesn’t recommend these ingredients.

Rye is a grain; all grains are forbidden during the diet because they contain yeast and sugars.

Oatmeal should be saved for phase 2; oat bran is a better alternative and doesn’t contain the bad parts of the grain.

Rice, rice cheese, rice noodles should be saved for phase 2; a better alternative is buckwheat! It has no gluten at all. Rice contains glutens!

Pork and beef are not allowed on the diet because they cause the body to produce ammonia; this is probably the biggest source of the constipation/bloating other than the psyllium husks.

Anything that causes the production of mucus is not allowed; mucus protects the candida and you can’t kill it off.

Keep the sugars under 25g a day; this is like half an apple, half a cup of blueberries, etc.

Hope this helps!

Another treatment to consider is sweating out the toxins during the die-off part. Sauna, steam room, even hot baths can help.