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You are doing the diet and supplements incorrectly.

Here is a site that shows the amount of sugars you eat per serving:

Keep it under 25g a day. Banana is one of the sugariest fruits that there is; almost 25g per banana!

I don’t know much about carob, but it is placed in the soy category. It sounds like it is starchy, which definitely isn’t good.

Pork and beef are not allowed on the candida diet because they cause the body to produce ammonia.

Rice contains small amounts of gluten and shouldn’t be allowed on the diet until phase 2. Read your rice milk container to see how much sugar is in it per serving; you don’t want any sugar on the anti candida diet. Chocalate is not allowed on the diet either; it contains caffeine and is a dried, moldy occuring food item.

Coconut flakes contain sugar; save for phase 2 if possible.

What else are you eating for the diet?

I would stop the psyllium husks immediately; they are not beneficial and can cause internal bleeding in the intestines. Instead of the laxatives, I would try digestive or swedish bitters. I have no idea what flora force is (is it a dr. mcoomb product?), but I would get a probiotic instead that is 20-50 billion in count. The probiotic is the most important part of the treatment.

Hope this helps. The reason your energy has gone down is that your body is spending too much resources on fighting the candida; the better your diet becomes the more energy you will get in time!