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just wanted to introduce myself, for some reason I am not able to start my own topic

I have not had a dx of Candida but everything I read says I have it

I was stricken with H-pylori and SIBO over the last year and had taken heavy doses triple antibiotics to combat these infections.

I now have the worse brain fog, like I’m high. Dizziness, aches and pains, headaches, gut is a mess. hurts constantly, dry eye, and my anxiety (which I already had) is now out of control.
feel completely useless and lethargic all day

started a candida protocol that consists of taking Cardizyme for a month, then Oreganol for a month and then Candex for a month

these were all purchased at health foof store and recommended by nutritionalist.

I juice in am and bone broth for lunch. but I guess I have to get rid of dairy too

what blood test would show candida overgrowth?

I have never been this sick in my life and its been over a year now with suffering

please any help would be so appreciated