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Hello, Lily.
Sometimes it’s difficult to find a Stevia brand without harmful ingredients. The alcohol is not safe in the liquid extract; remember in our PI conversation I was talking about the various toxins that the Candida release; alcohol is one of those toxins, in fact, this is often the reason for the ‘fuzzy’ mind syndrome that a lot of Candida sufferers experience.

Truvia is on the strict diet, so ry to find this sweetener instead. Stevia is used to make this brand, but normally Truvia doesn’t contain dangerous ingredients. Truvia may contain either Xylitol or Erythiritol but these two sugar alcohols are not the same as the alcohol used for extracting herbs such as the stevia plant into a liquid form and are acceptable for a Candida treatment.

You can usually find Truvia in grocery stores along with other sugar products.