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Alright so i have been doing the fruit fast every morning since the other day.. skip breakfast for a while, eat some strawberries (and sometimes blueberries as well) followed by a piece of raw celery. I started out with a bit of fruit but i slowly progressed with more. Around 6 i have a decent sized dinner, with meat from the stage 2 diet.

It has helped me stay clear so much that i have been able to get away with eating a bit of sugar for dessert. usually 2 granola bars which contain 10g of sugar each, and sometimes i dip them in honey too

Last night i ate a bunch of prunes and raisens for dessert.. which still do contain sugar, but they contain potent antioxidants so they are a good dessert.. but yeah this morning i did the spit test and it looks like my candida is finally now gone!

For the spit test you spit in a glass of water first thing in the morning before you brush your teeth… if the water gets cloudy and strings come down off your spit you have a yeast infection.

I still had a small amount of thrush at the back of my tongue but im sure that will go away in time now that the candida is gone. i just need to stick to a decent diet and eat lots of antioxidants.

I would not be cured if it wasnt for the strawberries… but they probably would be even more effective if you just take small bites and avoid eating the inside of them… this is where most of the sugars are in a strawberry by the looks of it.

One thing that has helped my candida alot is to never drink water after a meal… this floods your stomach and it prevents it from breaking down the food properly. Drink lots of water in between meals, and a fair amount before meals. Drinking cold water after a meal also has been shown to promote cancer.