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Thank you so much for your reply. I’ve been following The Candida Diet pretty closely. The only time I’ve cheated was really unknowingly. I didn’t realize you couldn’t have tomatoes on the cleanse. Are tomatoes a huge issue? I honestly don’t think I could do another two week cleanse with out them. It was so hard for me. I’ve been limiting tomatoes as much as I can, but they just make everything so much better. I used to eat a snack bag of small tomatoes as my afternoon snack. I also used to eat fruit yogurt and/or pineapple every morning.

I’ve been diagnosed with thryoid and adrenal fatigue syndrome. I am taking throid medication and also a Vitamin D supplement at night… but the Melatonin puts me out in about 30 minutes. I think it’s many things but definitely years and years of staying up late for various reasons is a main part of my issue. For the last two years I’ve had a day job and it’s really been an adjustment.

Javizy wrote:

Fruit cleanse? Is that a different method? I’ve been following thecandidadiet cleanse, then strict diet very closely. I thought it was important to stay away from fruit, because of the natural sugar?

Also, you said that Melatonin can have long term issues? I take a melatonin every night before bed. I thought it was all natural and the best thing to help me fall asleep.

Chicory Root Coffee is on the list. Do you know if this means that I can have just Chicory Root or if I can have the coffee blends? It’s been pretty hard for me to find this stuff… none of my local organic or healthy stores carry it. Most of the stuff I see for online vendors are a blend.. How many cups per week could I have. I don’t really drink coffee, but all the benefits from the Chicory are too good, not to try it. I like the idea of coffee, but never drank it because of the caffeine. I definitely am not a person that needs any caffeine. 🙂

Thanks again for all your help. It’s so nice to know that other people are going through the same thing.


This diet is so confusing. Some people say one thing others say another. Is there a way to see if the candida is going away (however slowly)? Something to give me some faith that all my hard work is paying off?

Supplementing any hormone can have a destabilising effect. The endocrine system runs on a complex series of feedback loops, and influencing one of these loops, e.g. by adding melatonin, inevitably influences the rest. If your body needs it, the influence could be positive, but it can get quite complicated and I don’t know about melatonin specifically. The fact you need it shows there’s an imbalance somewhere, so you might want to research it from the endocrine angle. Imbalances elsewhere, like low thyroid, high (o)estrogen, high/low cortisol can set the stage for infection, and could either be a causal factor in your candida problem or something that’s preventing you from overcoming it.

As for fruit cleanses, I don’t think that’s going to do anything to help, especially if you have blood sugar control issues, which is again influenced by hormones. It’s hard to recommend anything without a full picture of your health, not that I’m qualified to do that anyway. Start on the diet and see how you react, and continue analysing your overall health and researching the underlying factors. The diet and supplements should be able to relieve your symptoms in the meantime at least, and if there are no other health factors involved, maybe even lead to a cure.