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It definitely has been hard playing volleyball competitively while suffering from candida, but I think that because my case is more mild, I’m young, and I’ve been on a candida eliminating diet for several months, I’m still able to work out. I am tired all the time tho, and I can feel that my adrenal system is stressed. Thank u for the input, I’ve decided to start the cleanse next month when volleyball is over and I can take a break.

Thank you Tude58, stick with it!

Bouncygal, do u eat eggs, or are you a vegan? If you haven’t read the book, Lisa reccomends eating more nuts and seeds, and coconut bread to get the protein and calories. Also, even tho they’re on the ‘no’ list, vegetarians may need to include beans as a source of protein. You prob already know this, but I hope this helps! No energy is no fun!