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hope4eva77;34743 wrote: yeah cuz mine is more in front and burns like a uti along with vulva pain same burning its horrible !that untop of being nausea with headache i just wanna die ,and watched hubby eat chocolate in front of me i swear i wanted to kill him but didnt fall off track .thank u for the kind words !

Please stay on track Faith! In about a weak or two you will not care that he is eating that chocolate. Just stay on track but thread carefully. Listen to Able, he is right, do everything you can to eliminate hard die-off. It’s not the point of zapping the thing but getting better and doing damage to your organs will not help in that.

Good luck!!! We are all here for you, so vent away whenever you need to. There is always someone “listening” 🙂

Almost forgot, I had the pain similar to what you describe periodically during the treatment, I think mostly during die-off periods but sometimes randomly. I assumed it was UTI since it did grow eventually into that. Took care of it with herbal tea and cranberry extract. I am fine now. I also had combination bacterial/fungal infeciton of the cervical area last summer and while I took medication for that (which included nystatin among other things) it hurt so bad like right above hairline to the belly button. I am concluding that was die-off. It stopped towards the end of therapy and after I was done. I did have UTI following that as well 🙁