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You don’t need to purchase Ester C, Hope, just regular ascorbic acid (labeled vitamin C) will work just as well, in fact, I’ve taken vitamin C for years and have never taken Ester C.

i have thought die off is a worsening of symptoms and my pain is worse untop of other symptoms

You understand now that the die-off symptoms come from the toxins released by the dying Candida, right? Die-off symptoms can be caused by the cleanse, the diet, antifungals, certain foods that are also antifungals, kefir, and probiotics.

vaginal pain like as if i have a yeast infection but dont and a deeper pain that is very high pelvic pain mayb bladder i dont know, its these symptoms that ive had for past year that lead me here.

If you had these symptoms before you started the treatment, then of course they were Candida overgrowth symptoms. Are you saying that these have worsened since you started the treatment? If so, it has to be the toxins causing this to happen, because if you’ve stayed on the diet, you’re not doing anything to make the infestation grow.