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I just joined this forum and yours was the first post I saw, sort of funny because just yesterday I went through the worst day of this diet. Its been 3 weeks and I just was so hungry and running all these errands and usually I eat at chipotle like someone else mentioned but I had no time and since I only ate the day before…I was starving.

For hours I complained and just wanted to eat pasta or a sandwich or whatever. I cried and my boyfriend just sat there and listened to me.

Then I went online and I searched for ‘how long do you have to stay on candida diet’….after reading hundreds of people’s stories and doing a little research…I think you really only need to stay on the strict part of the diet for so long, depending on your problem. I am surprised to hear you’re eating yogurt – I have been completely dairy free and that has accelerated my recovery. I stopped experiencing die off a week ago and I thought it was because I had done something wrong, so I switched to tougher probiotics and other herbs…nothing. Felt good, but no more die off.

I truly believe the stricter you diet, almost religiously – the faster recovery and then move on to normal eating again. One girl I saw wrote that she eventually kept taking all the antifungals but was able to eat normally and is doing really great. So just don’t focus so much on this time, be very strict, and it will pass in no time.

I personally can’t wait to eat at Panera bread again 🙂