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Hey Hope, I have an herbal product that my acupuncturist gave me that is made by Orthomoleculars. It is a Uti defense product but she said it has helped people with urethritis and bladder pain. It is for chronic problems. I am going to try it and see what I think. If you want to know the full name let me know and I will try to inbox you with it. It is kind of expensive, so I thought you might want me to try it first before you spent your money. 🙂 Also, she is going to send me a link for another product with aloe in it that doesn’t act as a laxative that she said a patient of hers swears by for vaginal pain. I will post it or send it to you when she sends it to me.

She also said that it is possible that yeast is causing you to have IC. The only thing doctors really know about IC is what foods seem to trigger it, but they definitely don’t know how to cure it. She that doctors really don’t know what causes IC so why couldn’t eat be yeast?

Also, I have another friend who has IC. She said to tell you that she is going to send you some good healing light and energy (yes, I have many hippie friends). 🙂 Hope that works too. 😀