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Absolutely. My symptoms were: brainfog so severe that it was hard to drive, an extremely weak immune system, I was always the first to get a cold/cough and it would take VERY long to improve.

More importantly though for about a year I had recurring yeast infections and urinary tract infections. Every single month it was either one or the other. Then eventually after getting a bad cold, I got a sinus infection. And right before starting the diet I got this awful rash on my lips (Angular Chelitis). It got to the point where I could barely open my mouth! The corners were all raw and cracked, I was so embarrassed to go to work. After the diet the YI, UTI and angular cheilitis has disappeared. My immune system has greatly improved, I haven’t gotten one cold this Winter (WHOOT!). For about 1-2 weeks I cheated on the diet constantly (it was my birthday) and once again I got a horribly painful UTI.

Right now when I go alittle too far with the cheating (recently my dad was in town) I feel a tingle when I urinate and I know it’s time to cut back. My lips may peel also a little.

Sushified, yes can you please inbox me the recipe. I make bison meatloaf every week and my husband insists we put breadcrumbs in it (to hold it together better). I’m wondering if there’s an alternative.