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hope4eva77;36467 wrote: thanks katie and alex ill check that out ,alot of products i use probably have messd up stuff in them i dont lube but basic stuff like body wash /makeup/deodorant /lotion all that got stuff in it i shoudlnt be usin but i cant afford to be changing my products like that ill just have to hope for the best .

this looks like a good supplement i may order this !

Just keep the most questionable looking ones away from your lady parts, LOL. I don’t know if you have Grocery Outlet out there, or something like it, (a super discounted grocery store, like recalls, odd items, etc.) but I have gotten organic soaps/shampoos there for the same price or less as what I’d pay at Target for the normal kind. Trader Joe’s, if you have them, also has some good natural bar soaps – the teatree oil works wonders for my skin. I get one pimple every couple of months it seems like, and it cleared up an infection on one of my piercings that wouldn’t go away for almost a year! (And I think they are 1.99 for two bars!)