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I have to tell you that even though I have been on the diet a while, I still have cravings. Of course, I do work in a grocery store. I think that there are some of us that just enjoy carbs and sugar. I don’t have cravings that are as strong but I can tell you that I know for sure that they will never completely go away. I love bread and dairy and I dont’t think that is going to stop. You just have to get to a point where it isn’t worth it anymore.

Hope, I think eventually, hopefully, 🙂 you will reach a point where you can have a “fun” food every once and a while and not suffer. Probably just not good for right now. I know it must be sooo much harder with a family so I feel for you.

I think you ought to look into the IC thing though because there may be things on this diet that are irritating to IC. I know for a fact that I cannot take large quantities of Vitamin C because they give me urethritis… just something to think about hon.