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I take two probiotics a day along with coconut oil as an antifungal. As soon as I conquer the art of making my own kefir, I’m going to stop the probiotics, they are too expensive.

I don’t remember too well what’s on the strict diet, but here’s what my diet mainly consists of.

Two eggs every morning with some type of sausage (never pork). Today I tried gyro meat.
Yogurt, cup of milk twice a day, salad (with semi-homemade dressing), veggies, chicken, salmon, bison, sometimes beef, almonds as a snack.

1-3 times a week I eat my own ethnic dishes which consist of veggies (a little tomato sauce and onion as the base) along with rice. Instead of white rice I switched to black.

I eat bison meatloaf once a week with about a half a cup of breadcrumbs. I use Ian’s breadcrumbs bec it doesn’t contain high fructose corn syrup and other nonsense.

About once a week (usually less) if I’m exhausted and not in the mood to cook I’ll have a frozen burrito from Trader Joes (with sour cream). The burrito has beans and brown rice in it, I eat as little of the tortilla as possible.

About once a month I make brown rice pasta with ground bison. I found a spaghetti sauce called, “Boves” that doesn’t have any added sugar, just tomatoes, basil, etc.

I buy Trader Joe’s stir fry and it eat with coconut aminos (instead of soy sauce)..along with black rice.

Once a month I make fajitas, but I remove the excess tortilla.

Once a month I make “burger wraps.” Instead of the bun I use tortilla and make the burger with ground bison. I dab a little mayo and ketchup. I found a ketchup with no added sugar, but it tastes a bit bitter.

Once in a blue moon I may have some pistachios or chips (if I’m visiting family).

Absolutely no alcohol, soda or coffee (these were never in my diet).

Just last week I started eating a few bites of a green apple three times a week.

The hubby and I eat out once a week: a lot of Chipotle, Boston Market, kabobs with a few bites of bread, gyro with a big salad (omitting the french fries) although the dressing is vinegar based, also with a few bites of bread. Afghani styled dumplings are my favorite.

I’ve been on this diet since September. November I cheated bigtime and needed to take antibiotics once again for UTI.

The main flare up that I get is that my lips start to peel and turn red. I manage it with Monistat or Lotrimin cream and try to get back on the diet. UTI usually requires A LOT more cheating, I hope I never get to that point again.

Sorry this was so long! I hope I answered your question.