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I agree with Able. The week of my birthday I ate like a pig and the UTI came roaring back. That really taught me a lesson that even if I cheat I need to have some boundaries and discipline.

I think you are being too hard on yourself. This diet is incredibly difficult so don’t feel guilty or bad about cheating (once in a while).

Me for example…every Sunday I cook about eight eggs, with chicken or turkey sausage (I don’t eat pork). I take this to work on Monday and eat two eggs every morning (I work only 4 days a week). I also keep yogurt at work, just regular organic yogurt, not the little ones with fruit in it.

Just try to always have something that you can eat. Eating out my husband and I go to Chipotle alot and I get the burrito bowl and of course I avoid things like cheese and corn. It sucks but what sucks more is being in more pain and taking antibiotics.

Good luck….and hang in there.