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It sounds like your doctor has the lines of thinking that breads/flours feed the yeast and he is trying to starve it out, but I think this restricts the diet too much. Certain grains are pretty safe for the diet like buckwheat and teff, so I would ask him about possibly making breads with these or similar flours. For instance, in nigeria where teff is more popular, they make a flat bread that is kind of like corn tortillas…so you could make some kind of burrito type thing if you wanted. If you make a bread that is similar to what I make, you could then make a sandwich bread and make sandwiches for lunch.

Anyways, what I would do is get some pyrex containers and start making soups…make a big batch of it and spread it out throughout the week/month, etc. and freeze it.

I’d also consider getting something like the nutribullet and make smoothies with it. Start drinking pure liquid veggies and mix in a variety of stuff you normally wouldn’t eat (sounds like you have the picky food problem like I do).

You need to experiment with certain problematic foods like eggs (major allergen for a lot of people) to see whether they are benefit vs. detriment. A way to get around testing food out like this would be to get an allergy test to see whether you are allergic to the stuff you eat or not (some people allergic to avocados too). The problem with your diet that I see is that its going to continue to constipate you which needs to be avoided.

The problem is you are pigeon holing yourself into an overly restrictive diet and you need to get creative with cooking and preparing food in order to get out of it. Most of the diets around the world are rather safe…its the western diets that are the problem.