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rhodiola 500mg twice daily,

If by rhodiola, you’re speaking of Rhodiola rosea, you definitely do not need to be taking the rhodiola which is another name for goldenseal. It destroys the flora in the intestines which you should be trying to restore.
You don’t need to do a cleanse, and don’t stop taking your natural supplements, just start using a good diet and stick with it until the treatment has done its work. This is usually an indefinite period of time. Do you want a copy of the stricter diet that most of the forum members are using?

I missed my last 3 periods. Ive never missed in my life and I know this can be from candida. But my cycle started within days of starting the MV with iron. So i guess i need to get an iron supplement by itself once the moly ( amino acids) arrives, can anyone recommend a good one or food source?

What you should be taking in place of iron supplements is Apo-Lactoferrin. Read the following page for an explanation on this supplement.

I think i should probably stop the garlic and coq10 due to the added ingredients and just try raw garlic.

That depends on the added ingredients.

What about roasted garlic is that just as good?

Roasted garlic is alright, but you can also be eating it raw.

I am also starting coconut oil pulling, last night i did it for 30 minutes. I just wonder whats the best way…caps, spoonfuls, or pulling? Easier to swish oil for me than swallow and if it binds to all your toxins i would think you wouldnt want to swallow.

You should be taking coconut oil by the spoonful as well as using it it for oil pulling. Coconut oil is the best natural antifungal available, plus it gives you added calories which are much needed during the diet. Don’t swallow it during the oil pulling therapy sessions.