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Quote: Raw garlic for the first two weeks. I’m going to buy fresh raw garlic, smash it, chop it up into little bits and drink it in water. I am not sure if chewing it would be more effective? Also is one clove a day enough?

Reply: Putting the garlic in water is just as good as chewing it.

Quote: A supplement for week 3 and 4 with 500mg oil of oregano, 300mg of black walnut and 500mg of caprylic acid. I’m going to take this in pill form once a day.

Reply: So I’m assuming that all three of those are in one capsule, which is not a good idea; you won’t be obtaining enough of any of these to do any real good. And you’re wasting your money on the black walnut; it won’t be necessary with the correct amounts of oil of oregano and Caprylic acid as it’s a much weaker antifungal than either of the other two. And liquid oregano oil would be many times more powerful than pills. The link below is the most dependable brand. Quality and amounts are important with a Candida infestation.

Quote: week 5 and 6 i’m going to take coconut oil every day, whats the recommend dosage for that?

Reply: I would start the coconut oil no later than the second week after the cleanse is completed. Coconut oil will change the environment of your intestines to a less hospitable home for the Candida albicans.

You won’t have to guess at what to do if you read and follow the protocol.