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Can you tolerate fish? Or have you tried hemp seeds which would be a good source of protein and fibre? Can you tolerate fermented diary like kefir? (Though if you are sensitive to caesin then probably not). These won’t help the bloating though maybe the hemp seeds can with their high fibre content, but your diet seems to lack some protein source since you can’t have meat, eggs or diary and there was no mention of legumes (they’re not in stage 1 anyways) but it’s something to help make your diet a little more balanced.

Are you drinking enough water too? Especially if you are going consuming lots of fibre.

If you’re gut is inflamed then maybe some slippery elm would help to soothe the gut or marshmallow root or aloe vera but I’m not sure if it’s appropriate in this case…if someone could add to this it would be great. I’m just throwing the suggestions out there.