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TheXtremisT;58108 wrote: Wow Danny that sounds like a lot. I only take up to 3 tablets per meal, but mainly on larger ones.
How much do your doses contain?

Mine have 50mg Pepsin and 324mg HCl.

I’ve always wanted to know how much I should take.


I’m currently taking HCL by TwinLab (1 capsule = 648mg Betaine HCL – 130mg Pepsin).
I’m switching to Thorne Research simply because they sell 625 capsules in one bottle (Thorne HCL).

Last night I took 10 capsules with my dinner (6480mgs HCL!!!!) and slept like a baby.
This is very high for a normal person.

To give you an idea of how bad my digestion was, I would find completely intact vitamin D capsules (gel capsules) in my stool from the day before. I would have lots of vegetable fiber and undigested food in my stool. The more HCL I take, the better my stool looks. I also notice how much better sleep I get at night.

You will know when you’ve had too much HCL, your stomach and chest will get a warming sensation. If you have low stomach acid, just increase your intake by 1 capsule per day until you find your correct dose.