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I was in the strict diet for 2 weeks but I failed and eat a lot of things like chocolats and soda. So I will start again the strict diet. But I would like to know if i can eat just eggs, salads, vegetables and a peace of chicken or could I eat also 2 slices of coconut bread and 2 advocados?

Eating more coconut bread and avocados and a ‘smaller’ slice of chicken would be even better. The coconut bread and avocado are without any negative effects, however, chicken eaten often will release more ammonia in your system which only benefits the Candida but creates a larger workload for your liver.

Because that would increase my calories intake. Is this safe to eat in the begining of the diet or the coconut bread should introduce after 1 month in the diet? Cause I know coconut bread have carbs and also advocado.

The carbs in coconut bread and the avocado are not enough to disturb the progress of your treatment. There are other negative factors (such as ammonia) to consider as well.