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Hello, Rose.

So I have just started the cleanse a day ago, but have cut out yeast, sugar, and gluten for the past week. Today, I am feeling fatigued like I’ve never felt before and incredibly hungry (vegetables sound revolting!) and yet find nothing to satisfy my appetite (veggie-wise). I am really considering eating at least a hard boiled egg or some sort of meat to get some protein.

An organic egg eaten once a day if absolutely necessary is acceptable during the cleanse.
I really don’t want to mess up the cleanse, but I do have to go to class and work

(I’m a server – which takes a lot of energy) this week, not sure how I can make it.

If you have to, you can have one egg at breakfast and one at lunch if it will help you through your workday. However, having “organic” eggs during the entire treatment but especially the cleanse are very important.

Also, what kind of soluble fiber should I buy? Is MEtamucil or other brand name fiber powders OK? or do I have to buy Psyllium husk, Acacia Powder or Pure Apple Fiber?

Don’t use psyllium husk as it’s potentially dangerous for the intestines. Chia seeds are a better choice.

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