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Hi, Tgt.

All you can do during stage 2 is to test foods a few bites at a time; the reason for this is because there is still Candida in your system, and it’s very possibly to set off a chain reaction of symptoms if you’re not careful.

I have a few questions; did you start the coconut oil and if so, when and how many tablespoons are you taking in one day?

Also, did you start the probiotic that I suggested and if so, what day did you start it?

Are you still experiencing any die-off symptoms at all? If so, how strong are they?

I would test a Granny Smith apple first. Eat only ¼ of a medium to small size apple and wait for a day to see if you have any reactions to it at all. If not, you know that you can eat ¼ of a Granny Smith apple twice a week. I wouldn’t even think about potatoes in any form yet if I were you, grapefruit either. Are you eating organic Greek yogurt and if so, how often and how much at a time?