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tgt2011 wrote: I understand that 7 weeks is not going to be the timeline (as the website states), and I’m definitely not planning to go back to my previous diet regime, but lately I’ve been having intense craving to something sweet. I didn’t do anything about it, but I guess what I’m trying to say is if I could have an idea of how long the process is going to take, it could make my struggle easier.

Hello, Tg.

I understand that you would like to know how long you need to put up with this strict regimen, but you must also understand that every single person with Candida is different and each person responds differently to the treatment. In addition to that, the treatment’s progress depends on a few other aspects, such as how long a person has actually suffered from Candida symptoms. That makes a big difference sometimes as to how quick a person heals from both Candida and all the negative aspects of Candida which also must be healed. I’m speaking of such things as leaky gut syndrome and a low immune system, which is often one of the actual causes of the Candida in the first place. In this case, the immune system (adrenals) will have to become healthy in order to both completely cure the infestation as well as prevent it from recurring. You do understand how all of these different aspects greatly influence the length of time involved, right?

If I remember correctly, you believe you’ve had Candida for around 8 years, that’s a long time compared to some, yet not compared to others, many of whom have suffered from 10 to 20 years. Plus, I don’t know if you are suffering from leaky gut syndrome, or to what degree your adrenals may have become drained, if at all.

If you have not already done so, look at the recipes on the forum, you may find a few things that will help you tolerate the diet much better. For example, the coconut flour bread is a great way to fill more satisfied, and it can be eaten freely as it contains nothing that would be detrimental to the treatment.

You might try to eat some organic plain Greek yogurt if you’ve not already. You can purchase “Coco Lopez (brand) Real Cream of Coconut.” Try adding a little Truvia or Stevia extract to the yogurt, and then a few tablespoons of the coconut cream, mix well, and chill in the freezer for four or five minutes (optional). This will give you a superb ‘sweet’ taste which should satisfy that craving you’re experiencing.
By the way, I would open the can of coconut cream, pour it into a glass container, and store any leftover amount in the refrigerator.

You’re doing fine you know; just don’t give into that that craving by negative means.