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Hello. Glad to hear that the yeast infection has eased up a bit.

It sounds like you’re going through a rather rough die-off experience right now, i.e. dizzy feeling, being tired, constipation, and bloated. You should take something for the constipation, especially since you’re experiencing some die-off symptoms. You need to literally get the toxins out of your body. A sauna will help if you’re able to use one, if not, a hot soak in a tub will work (to the point of sweating if possible). Have you been able to obtain either the Molybdenum or the Candidate yet?

To understand how important knowing how to handle die-off is, if you haven’t already done so, please read the post titled “Die-off Dangers” posted on August 08.

As far as going on to stage 2, I would definitely have the Molybdenum before doing this, and preferably the Candidate as well. After you’ve been taking the Molybdenum for three to four days, I see no problems with starting another antifungal (the probiotic acts as an antifungal as well as building the flora in your system). I would start with pure organic coconut oil. Not only is this a strong antifungal, but it will help to build the environment needed to rid yourself of the Candida infestation. But please, at the very least start the Molybdenum several days beforehand, and only start one antifungal at a time, otherwise, if you receive some sort of reaction you will have no idea which is causing it.

You should by all means continue the probiotic.