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Hello, Allison.

I’m sorry about all the confusion between the website’s information and the information on the forum. Unfortunately, the website is desperately in need of an update.

If you devotedly follow the diet in the strictness manner, you are definitely killing the Candida and should definitely experience some of the die-off symptoms – long before you complete stage one, and before you start any antifungals at all. This is not to say that the die-off will be completed by the end of stage one by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s true that it can normally take a longer treatment period if the person with Candida has had the infestation for many years, however, you cannot believe every so called “fact” that a website or individual tries to offer as far as a timeline because everyone treats the diet differently as well as the supplements. It also depends a great deal on the fact that some people simply heal quicker than others. Many aspects affect the time that it takes; just one of these aspects is the condition that a person’s immune system is in during the treatment. A stronger immune system is naturally going to take less time with a cure of any illness, including a Candida infestation.

Basically all of the information and suggestions you receive from the posts on this forum will stem from either experience or research, sometimes both.

The die-off symptoms will not be completely gone until you’ve just about cured your Candida, so don’t expect that to happen quickly. However, once you are having very mild symptoms it would be alright to add an antifungal along with the diet. This is only to prevent a worse die-off experience than what is necessary. The first antifungal I suggest that you add is organic coconut oil.

Molybdenum can be purchased at nearly any vitamin store. The Candidate can be ordered online from Native Remedies. You shouldn’t start an antifungal until you’ve been taking the Molybdenum for three to four days. The
Candidate will work almost immediately however.

As far as the food becoming boring and not even being enough; look for the coconut flour bread recipe on the forum under the “Recipes” category. Keep boiled eggs available for a quick, filling snack.

I’m going to repeat what I typed about a timeline; you don’t need to be concerned with any type of timeline that you see online. You are the only person who can decide when it’s time to go to an antifungal or any food item to your diet. Think about it, every single person is different and everyone’s infestation and treatment response is different, how can one timeline be correct for everyone with a Candida infestation?