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Able900 wrote:
If you’re going to ask questions on the forum, be aware that most of the members use the protocol on the forum, not the website, so it may confuse you when you receive answers from the members. Maybe reading a few posts would help you get an idea of what other forum members are doing.

The Forum’s Protocol

A Simple Cleanse

Candida Diet

Die-Off Symptoms & Molybdenum


Ok I see. It doesn’t really seem all that different. The cleanse I did the psyllium husk/bentonite clay colon cleanse and the liver detox is exactly the same as listed there (garlic, ginger olive oil). I also kept to the green fresh vegetables rule and had not even one egg during my 13 days. The only major difference seems that I didn’t use Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelat before starting. I did order Candidate and used it once or twice but figured I’ll really start using it if the die-off symptoms really kick in, but the fact that I feel very little difference is my concern. Of course I feel lighter due to lighter/water filled vegetables (and getting filled up on the water of those cleanse drinks), but nothing extreme at all.