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Hello Laurie,

I am taking the NAC, nettle, l-glutamine, digestive enzymes, vitamin D3, vitamin C B vitamins with extra folic acid & B-12, calcium, magnesium,zinc and potassium.

You should only be taking vitamins on the cleanse and shouldn’t be taking any antifungals, leaky gut supplements, or anything else. This will cause more die-off.

After two weeks, going on the third, I had an allergic reaction to the lemons, which previously upset my stomach but I didn’t think anything of it, but now is a problem.

You do not need to cleanse for this long and it is time to start phase 1 of the diet since you have become allergic to lemons. This is not good and is unfortunate. The cleanse is not meant to last this long. The cleanse will not even come close to eliminating all of the candida in your body and is only meant to be done short term.

During the cleanse I was rotating the vegetables, only 1 every 4 days. Does this sound reasonable or unnecessary?

It’s a good general idea to rotate some of the foods you eat throughout your treatment. Candida can adapt to certain food items and things you eat because it still wants to thrive. It can find a wide variety of energy sources within the body. You will be feeding candida no matter what you do, its all about feeding it as little as possible. I personally experienced changing allergies over my treatment and you can be allergic to something one day when you weren’t the day before from my experience.