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orka1998;36579 wrote: Hahaha Alex! Sorry, but that soda story is funny…

For those of you hating brussel sprouts, try them roasted in butter or ghee with sea salt, or sauteed with some minced ginger, garlic and butter or ghee. Roasting changes the taste and many who didn’t like them reported that this is the way they actually like eating them. I like them steamed as well so for me they just taste better roasted, but can have them either way. The second method masks the taste, ginger takes care of it. If you are not a fan of cabbage aroma or taste, you could saute on ginger and garlic in butter or ghee and you could barely taste the cabbage flavor this way.

I did get die-off from brussel sprouts as well. At the beginning I didn’t know they were antifungal so few times I had no idea what’s wrong with me, later I realized it was die-off.

@Alex: I also was getting lots of heartburn from salads and realized fiber was killing me as I did not have enough good bacteria to digest it. Try reducing the portions and not to mix and match lots of fiber in one portion. For example, I would mix lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, leeks etc in one salad, all of those being a very high fiber foods. Later I would do lettuce with combination of one or two max of the high fiber foods and this was helping. Good news: as you get better this gets better as well. I even have hiatus hernia but am no longer bothered by a huge bowl of mixed salad for lunch. Oh, and I would have die-off from salad before because I would put cabbage, garlic, ACV, radishes which, I guess, combined give candida a punch (or at least that was my interpretation of it ha-ha).


Yeah, I guess it usually is the big complex salads that are the worst – when I have lots of lettuces, herbs, radishes, celery, avocado, garlic, all mixed together…and definitely when I eat too much at once (which I tend to do because they aren’t particularly filling). Thanks for the tip!