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I had read about doing it early in the morning. However first thing when my feet hit the floor I’m up and putting coconut oil in my mouth for a good oil pulling and then brush teeth and rinse mouth really well with salt water (just realized I was using table salt and that was bad) Then I sit for about a half hour and drink warm water. By that time I ate my two eggs and thought what the heck I’m going to see what my spit does compared to his. UGH. I’m pretty sure I still have it because of the burning feeling on my tongue. I don’t have all the other symptoms other folks here have. But last year was very stressful for me and I do beieve I had some of these symptoms. I just want it out of my MOUTH!!! and i guess my whole Body.

How can the ENT test my mouth and say it was gone…that was a full week ago??? I have no proof that it is there other than why would my tongue burn?