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Hi Col,

I will tell you what I know from my experience but I hope that Able or raster write to you some more details.

I believe that you are not hungry is quite normal, when I was on a fast I was not hungry after one to two days. The body switch systems and is using up the fat which was stored up in your body. This could explain too why there is no bowel movement.
I believe that your body is switched to another system, not hungry but not needing either a bowel movement. Its the same with me, I drink a lot and dont eat. Bowl movement stops, I am not hungry and have to pee a lot because of me drinking a lot. The pee is then after a while like water, there is no yellow colour any more.

I believe everything is in order and if you dont feel sick with headaches or other die-off symptoms I would not worry too much about the situation.